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Frequently Asked Questions

Smarty Pants Tutoring

What ages and subjects do you tutor?

Smarty Pants Tutoring offers one-on-one tutoring for students from four years of age through high school. We offer tutoring in all subjects although our most popular requests include reading / writing, mathematics, science and French.  We also offer one-on-one tutoring in computer programming and drawing fundamentals.  Call Smarty Pants Tutoring today at 647-537-6278 for more information on our programs.

How quickly can my child start their tutoring at Smarty Pants Tutoring?

Smarty Pants Tutoring offers free consultations, year round.  We can start working with your student within one day after an assessment has been completed.  Call us today at 647-537-6278 to set up your free consultation or visit us at our Smarty Pants Tutoring location in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Who are your tutors?

Smarty Pants Tutoring tutors are Certified Teachers and Subject Specialists.  They are throughly vetted, background checked and trained prior to joining the Smarty Pants Tutoring team.

How long is each tutoring session?

Smarty Pants Tutoring offers one hour, ninety minutes and two hour sessions.  Each session will be completed five minutes prior to the end of the session so the tutor can go over everything they worked on with the student's parent.  This is also a great time to have any questions answered.  We are open Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays).

Are you open during the summer?

Yes, Smarty Pants Tutoring is open year round!  We are closed during March Break, Winter Break and all the statutory holidays followed in Ontario, Canada.  Summer is a great time for tutoring.  Students typically lose 2.6 months worth of knowledge over the summer holidays. Don't let your student take the summer slide. Call us today at 647-537-6278 to set up your free consultation.

What supplies do I need to send during my child's tutoring session?

You are not required to supply anything for tutoring.  Smarty Pants Tutoring provides everything your student will need for their tutoring session.  Your student is welcome to bring in any homework, projects, textbooks or notes in the subject they receive tutoring (high school students are welcome to bring in their own calculator for math tutoring if they wish).  We are always happy to assist them with their assigned homework during their tutoring session.  
Feel free to bring along a peanut-free snack and/or drink to snack on during your session.

Can you provide tutoring for my two children at the same time?

Yes, of course we can accommodate both students at the same time.  Smarty Pants Tutoring will coordinate with two tutors so each student will have their own private one-on-one tutoring session at the exact same time.

Do you offer online tutoring?

Yes, Smarty Pants Tutoring offers online tutoring year round!  Please call us at 647-537-6278 for more information on our online tutoring option and what is required on your end for a successful online tutoring session.

Do you offer any camps?

Yes, Smarty Pants Tutoring offers camps, special events, and back to school bootcamps.  We are also happy to design a personalized camp for your student and their friends (minimum of 4 students).  Please contact us today at 647-537-6278 for more information.

Are you a franchise?

No, Smarty Pants Tutoring is proud to be is 100% Canadian, female owned and operated.

How do I get started?

Call Smarty Pants Tutoring today for your free consultation at 647-537-6278. You are also welcome to visit us for a personalized tour of our location at the corner of Bathurst and Elgin Mills in Richmond Hill.  Our address is 10815 Bathurst Street, Suite 20a, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Can you teach my child to read?

Absolutely!!!  Smarty Pants Tutoring specializes in teaching students to read at any age.  We use hands-on materials and play lots of games to keep the student engaged throughout the session.  The students have tons of fun each session and don't even realize that they are learning.  By keeping the student engaged, they learn and retain the concepts quicker than traditional methods.  At the end of each session the student can chose a prize from our prize centre to take home.

My 6 year old is finishing up first grade and is still struggling to read.  Can you help my child?

Yes we can definitely help your student.  Smarty Pants Tutoring isn't your traditional tutoring centre.  We are proud to be technology free (for our in-person, one-on-one tutoring) and we use a lot of hands-on materials and games to teach the concepts.  We start where the child is currently and build the foundation from there.  The students have tons of fun learning and at the end of each session they choose a prize from our prize centre to take home.

Do you offer one-on-one tutoring or is it with a group of other students?

Smarty Pants Tutoring is proud to offer one-on-one tutoring to best accommodate your individual needs.  We also offer bootcamps during the summer months and March Break.  Please call us at 647-537-6278 for more information on these programs.

My daughter is studying for the SSAT.  Can you help her?

Smarty Pants Tutoring offers one-on-one tutoring for SAT preparation.  We cover the reading (including vocabulary), writing and math sections of the SSAT and the SAT exam.  We can assist in all the areas of the SAT exam or just focus on the areas where your student needs assistance.

I homeschool my children.  Do you offer tutoring for homeschooled students?

Yes, Smarty Pants Tutoring offers tutoring for homeschoolers from four years of age through high school.  We extend our daytime hours Monday through Friday to accommodate our homeschool students.  Feel free to contact us at 647-537-6278 for more information on our homeschool programs.

Can you help my child even if they are not struggling in school right now?

Absolutely!  Smarty Pants Tutoring provides enriched programming and preparation for your student so he / she can become an even better student. Your student's potential is limitless!  Call us today to  set up a free consultation.  


Does Smarty Pants Tutoring have tutors who work with students with learning disabilities?

Yes, Smarty Pants Tutoring can accommodate students with learning disabilities but we look at each student individually to ensure we can meet their needs.  Please call Smarty Pants Tutoring at 647-537-6278 for more information and to set up your free consultation.

Is Smarty Pants Tutoring on any social media platforms?

Yes, please follow Smarty Pants Tutoring on Facebook at www.facebook.com/smartypantstutoringcanada .  You can also follow us on Instagram at smarty_pants_tutoring_canada or on Twitter at @SmartyPantsTut

Do you charge taxes?

At this time there are no applicable taxes charged on tutoring services.  Smarty Pants Tutoring is required to charge taxes on camps as well as the educational products that are sold at our facility in Richmond Hill.

Do you charge a registration fee upon enrollment?

Smarty Pants Tutoring never charges a registration fee.  Please note at this time there are no taxes applicable in Ontario, Canada for tutoring services.